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Have you ever dreamed about pursuing the career of a professional pilot? This job pays well and allows you the liberty of travelling all over the world free. However, you need to be of legal age. A great way to prepare for being a pilot is to attend one of the many english private schools which offer superb education which can be used as the building blocks of a career in aviation. Apart from this, if you first class pilot, your eyesight parameters should be 2020 or better in both eyes for distant vision and 2040 or better in both eyes for near vision, and 2040 or better in each eye . Your eyes should also have correct colour vision. The parameters are a bit less if you want to become a private pilot. You will also have to undergo a lot of flight time in your logbook before you qualify as a commercial pilot. It is tough to learn the different types of controls used in a aeroplane, their functions, the adjustments the pilot needs to make for turbulence in the air, what procedures to follow in case of an emergency, and much more. These factors apart, you also have to spend a huge sum of money while training. However, you can learn the basic and advanced controls of a plane with the help of aviation software.

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Learn flying like a pro from the comfort of your home

You can master the art of flying a plane and learn how to use its controls, from the comfort of your home, with the help of aviation software. Also known as flight simulators, these programs teaches you in detail about the different control panels used in planes and also teaches you how to fly a plane around the world, using simulated graphics and sound effects. Install the flight simulation programme on your PC and run it. The software will prompt you to select one of several flying options such as rookie, advanced, and pro. If you are using the software for the first time, select the rookie (or novice) option. The program will show you the different control panels and their functions.

Play hide and seek with the cloud

Once you have understood details about the controls, it is time for you to try your hand at flying the virtual plane. You have to choose the origin and destination airport. Be prepared to be stunned, especially if you are using aviation software manufactured by a reputable company. The graphics are extremely realistic. You will get the same view of the tarmac as a real pilot does. Remember, you should always opt for the novice option when flying the simulated plane for the first few times. Do not worry about making mistakes, since you will be provided with audio and visual prompts, explaining how to rectify those mistakes.

Taking off and landing

Taking off is easy. You need to achieve the desired speed and pull back on the joystick. However, it is not the same as far as landing is concerned. You have to calculate the speed of descent, the velocity of the plane, and the angle of the front wheel of the plane with relation to the tarmac. Hone these skills before trying flying options like advanced and pro. Apart from teaching you how to fly different types of aeroplanes, most aviation software also allow you to learn how to fly helicopters, fighter planes, and even old propeller based planes like those used a couple of decades ago.